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A Semi Intensive Driving Course is an opportunity to pass your drivnig test over a short period of time, usually from 2 to 5 weeks. Unlike other driving schools who just want you to be able to pass the driving test we take your ability to stay safe on the road that much further. And so far everyone who has learned to drive using our highly developed process has passed their driving test.

The driving test is not that safe and currently the government are looking at ways to make it tougher to pass. The problem we have is that the vast majority of collisions involve recently qualified drivers, you are more likely to be injured or die as a result of a road traffic incident as a learner driver than any other category of drive. The real solution is to have proper training both before and after the driving test.

The driving test doesn't important subjects such as driving in bad weather, driving at night, driving on the motorways or defensive driving. This is where we are vastly different to any other driving school because there are no short cuts to our comprehensive program. If you are price concious and wish to find a budget solution then we are not the driving trainer organisation for you, however if safety is the most important factor then you may want to look at our learning to drive syllabus.

When you look to take a semi intensive driving course there are many driving schools to choose from, we are the most expensive but you are paying for quality. While it is easy to say this, but looking at the learning to drive syllabus you will see this is an extremely comprehensive program and takes 50 hours to complete.
Even if you may believe you only need another 20 hours to be test standard our course remains at 50 hours, we are the experts, we know what you need and there are no short cuts to safety.

In fact if you have already started to learn to drive we will have to reprogram your learning so that we can make sure you develop the right long term habits.
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However you decide to proceed please ensure your mind is set and focused on safety, this alone will see you through your driving test. You will start to ask questions of your ability, are you good enough, are you doing the right thing and could you be better? These are good questions to ask of your driving at all times.

We appreciate that our prices are very high and not everyone can afford us but you are paying for our expertise and experience as well as a highly developed training program which will help you drive safe for years to come.

Thank you for your time today and we hope you will decide to join us.

My name is James Shipley I am from Cambridge and I took the platinum course of intensive driving lessons. The service was excellent and from start to finish I felt reassured, needless to say I need pass both my theory test and practical test at the first attempt. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their full driving licence in a short space of time.

My husband and I decided upon investing into the platinum course of driving lessons for our daughter on her birthday. She is 17 and with her attending university next year we wanted to find her a quick and safe solution to get her driving licence. We are particularly impressed with the 2 year driving licence warranty it gave us pace of mind.

Our company required the services of a professional driving school who could deliver the results we needed for 2 new sales staff who needed a driving licence. Both employees were able to take a course locally and passed within 5 weeks, taking 2 hours of lessons each working day.

I wanted to get my driving licence really quickly but didn't fancy taking the typical crash test driving lessons purely for the reasons of safety. However I totally recommend this driving school because safety is their primary concern and that itself actually helped me pass my driving test first time.

Having seen my older sister fail her driving test 5 times with 3 different driving schools I wanted to avoid the same mistakes as her and have some assurance of a guaranteed pass. I was delighted with the service and Sarah my driving instructor and I recommend the service to any driver who appreciates safety.

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