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Automatic Driving Lessons Crash Course

Do you know why it costs more money to learn to drive in an automatic car? Well driving instructors used to charge more because of the added fuel cost but thats a thing of the past due to new technology, now it is a case that there are very few automatic driving schools and fewer still who offer automatic driving lessons crash courses.

We are going to be ruthless with you at this point and remove any concept of sugar coating. We usually have a 4 month waiting list, unlike other driving schools this is not to do with the shortage of available driving tests but purely due to popularity. It is also very important to inform you we are not the cheapest driving school offering automatic driving lessons as an intensive course. In fact we are probably the most expensive you will find, but that is due to our driver training course.

Learning to drive does not stop at the driving test, in fact we argue that is the second stage or your drivers education.  Each year the government through the ONS release figures relating to road incidents and deaths and each year newly qualified drivers top the charts. That is why we treat driver training a lot differently to what you have seen before, our learning to drive syllabus does not stop at the driving test, that is the half way point.

After you have completed the learning to drive syllabus and have passed your driving test we will then put you on the Pass Plus Advanced course. You may have come across Pass Plus before but this is an enhanced model which not only educates you but puts you under the spotlight. You are then able to recognise your weaknesses and take appropriate action.

Furthermore we also provide you with a 2 year driving licence warranty. There can be instances where you need additional support and during your 2 year probation period after passing your driving test you can activate your warranty to access refresher lessons. These lessons will go to the route of your issue, uncover any other factors you may have not recognised and put you back on the right track.

My name is James Shipley I am from Cambridge and I took the platinum course of intensive driving lessons. The service was excellent and from start to finish I felt reassured, needless to say I need pass both my theory test and practical test at the first attempt. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their full driving licence in a short space of time.

My husband and I decided upon investing into the platinum course of driving lessons for our daughter on her birthday. She is 17 and with her attending university next year we wanted to find her a quick and safe solution to get her driving licence. We are particularly impressed with the 2 year driving licence warranty it gave us pace of mind.

Our company required the services of a professional driving school who could deliver the results we needed for 2 new sales staff who needed a driving licence. Both employees were able to take a course locally and passed within 5 weeks, taking 2 hours of lessons each working day.

I wanted to get my driving licence really quickly but didn't fancy taking the typical crash test driving lessons purely for the reasons of safety. However I totally recommend this driving school because safety is their primary concern and that itself actually helped me pass my driving test first time.

Having seen my older sister fail her driving test 5 times with 3 different driving schools I wanted to avoid the same mistakes as her and have some assurance of a guaranteed pass. I was delighted with the service and Sarah my driving instructor and I recommend the service to any driver who appreciates safety.

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