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5 Day Intensive Driving Course

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses

We are going to be totally blunt with you. Do you want to pass or fail? Do you want to live or lay injured in a road accident you caused because you didn't have the experience to drive?

The lowest pass rate of all driving courses are the pass in 5 days or pass in 1 week courses, why? Because even if you did 60 hours in a week it is very unlikely you will pass due to fatigue and being able to take everything on board. Lets look at it a different way, if a football team just has one eek of pre season training do you think they will win their first match? 
What if the team were real good say Manchester City, Bayern Munich or Barcelona and they have just ones weeks pre season training, the likelihood is they will lose. 

You can learn a lot of driving techniques in 5 days but it is too short to learn how to become a safe driver and that is what the driving test is all about. Perhaps you know the test routes, but so what? If you cant fully control the car at all times, keep to the Highway Code, spot hazards and prevent the, from even occurring and driving like a safe driver would want to, then you are never going to pass the driving test.

But this does not mean you can't take an intensive driving course you can, you just need to be smart and understand this is not about driving straight, not crashing and knowing how to is all of that but so much more.

The bottom line to driving is safety and what we do is e make sure you are safe, both before and after the driving test. That's right we even give you advanced driving lessons after the driving test because the driving test does not cover everything.
We believe you can have a lot of fun driving and we want you to have that enjoyment so we make sure you can drive at night, drive in bad weather and also to drive safely on the motorway. 

As well as helping you develop more safe driving skills we will put you to test and that includes a bit of endurance driving, we want you to feel tired, and at that point we'll take over the driving for a while. 

You see newly qualified drivers are at the highest risks of accidents and we want to let you experience why, and get you to understand how dangerous driving can be. This is why we have post test driving lessons.

Our prices are not cheap and we have moved our contact details directly next to the prices. We have an expert team of driving instructors which you can benefit from and if you think the course is for you then call call us at that moment.

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My name is James Shipley I am from Cambridge and I took the platinum course of intensive driving lessons. The service was excellent and from start to finish I felt reassured, needless to say I need pass both my theory test and practical test at the first attempt. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their full driving licence in a short space of time.

My husband and I decided upon investing into the platinum course of driving lessons for our daughter on her birthday. She is 17 and with her attending university next year we wanted to find her a quick and safe solution to get her driving licence. We are particularly impressed with the 2 year driving licence warranty it gave us pace of mind.

Our company required the services of a professional driving school who could deliver the results we needed for 2 new sales staff who needed a driving licence. Both employees were able to take a course locally and passed within 5 weeks, taking 2 hours of lessons each working day.

I wanted to get my driving licence really quickly but didn't fancy taking the typical crash test driving lessons purely for the reasons of safety. However I totally recommend this driving school because safety is their primary concern and that itself actually helped me pass my driving test first time.

Having seen my older sister fail her driving test 5 times with 3 different driving schools I wanted to avoid the same mistakes as her and have some assurance of a guaranteed pass. I was delighted with the service and Sarah my driving instructor and I recommend the service to any driver who appreciates safety.

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