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5 Day Crash Course

Do You Really Want A 5 Day Crash Course?

Think about it for a moment, if you want a quick service, something faster and better than the rest you would expect to pay more money right. Traveling first class on a plane is a prime example of that, or buying a Jag rather than a Ford. When it comes to learning in a short space of time you really have to question the quality of companies who slash their prices to entice you into their intensive driving school.

When you see websites such as you have to question the quality. Its not even 121 to one training. In our opinion courses like this are a waste of money and we doubt how helpful they are to keeping you safe on the road, Are we have a go at the competition? Yes an no. Yes we are against such services and we think they ought to be outlawed, the government took steps towards outlawing such firms when the theory test was introduced, making it far more difficult to pass in 5 days. And we did also say "no" because we do not see this type of firm being competition, is the latest Porsche in competition with a 12 year old family saloon with an expired MOT? At the very least they both qualify as cars.

If you are looking for a budget solution the chances of failing are high, just ask them to produce their pass rates, and we are talking about any 5 day firm not just the one above. So what will happen then? You have another go, and another?
Any what sort of driver will you be when you pass?

It is newly qualified drivers that present the greatest risk of having a road traffic incident and are you surprised when you can share your learning with another pupil and have a driving test in 5 days time assuming you have passed your theory. 
Let us put it another way, its like being taught how to fire a gun and then being shipped off to war to go on the front line...fancy your chances? Well do you?

We will be frank with you and say that we are the polar opposite to what we have been just describing in terms of delivering a service to help you pass your driving test and making sure you are a safe driver. Our learning to drive syllabus and pricing structure can be found by clicking here. we will warn you, not everyone can afford this, but it is an elite driver training program.

One thine we can say with authority is we have never had a test fail as a company, once you read the learning to drive syllabus you will understand why. But right now we are discussing just the driving test, we also provide support for post licence...

...But why would you need support after your driving test if we are so good?
Put simply you are the biggest risk when it comes to driving, newly qualified drivers count for most road traffic incidents. Furthermore, the driving test does not cater for all types of driving, such as driving on motorways, at night in the dark or when tired.
Our intensive course driving lessons and post licence support give you all the training you need to be a safe driver for life. Read more here.

My name is James Shipley I am from Cambridge and I took the platinum course of intensive driving lessons. The service was excellent and from start to finish I felt reassured, needless to say I need pass both my theory test and practical test at the first attempt. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their full driving licence in a short space of time.

My husband and I decided upon investing into the platinum course of driving lessons for our daughter on her birthday. She is 17 and with her attending university next year we wanted to find her a quick and safe solution to get her driving licence. We are particularly impressed with the 2 year driving licence warranty it gave us pace of mind.

Our company required the services of a professional driving school who could deliver the results we needed for 2 new sales staff who needed a driving licence. Both employees were able to take a course locally and passed within 5 weeks, taking 2 hours of lessons each working day.

I wanted to get my driving licence really quickly but didn't fancy taking the typical crash test driving lessons purely for the reasons of safety. However I totally recommend this driving school because safety is their primary concern and that itself actually helped me pass my driving test first time.

Having seen my older sister fail her driving test 5 times with 3 different driving schools I wanted to avoid the same mistakes as her and have some assurance of a guaranteed pass. I was delighted with the service and Sarah my driving instructor and I recommend the service to any driver who appreciates safety.

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