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Why Is This The Most Expensive Driving School In The UK?
Crash course driving lessons are a popular way to get your driving licence very quickly, but is it the right option for you? We are an independent company offering an alternative solution to learning to drive. While there are many driving schools offering intensive driving lessons or crash courses with a focus of cramming your mind with skills to drive, our focus is totally different. Allow us to explain a little more. When you phone a driving school you would usually ask about price and how quickly you can learn, driving instructors love these questions because they are easy to handle. The questions that we promote within our driver training establishment are. 1. How long have you been a driving instructor for? 2. What have you done to improve your standard of training since you qualified? 3. What sort of post licence driving support do you offer? 4. On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is test standard and 10 is worlds best practice how do you evaluate your services? These are what we call "critical questions" and we believe it is what the best driving instructors ask of themselves all of the time. We also believe as a learner driver or the parent of a learner driver these are the questions you need to be asking of your intended driving instructor. The bottom line is safety, that is exactly why you are taking driving lessons, it is not to pass the driving test. The driving test itself is a measure of safety and the UK has some of the toughest requirements to gain the driving licence, however the test is just 45 minutes long and can't be seen as a true reflection of ability, it is just a snapshot. This is what a driving examiner is looking for. 1. Is the learner in control of the car at all times? This question is all about technical ability. 2. Is the learner driver conscious of the Highway Code and keeping to its rules. Of course this is about safety and how it meets legal requirements. 3. Is the learner driver able to sport emerging hazards and able to adjust their driving accordingly so they can eliminate any risk. 4. Is the learner driver driving with the attitude and mentality of a learner driver. The first 2 points are what you would expect from most driving schools in terms of teaching the learners how to drive, that is to say the technical ability and the legal compliance required. However it is points 3 and 4 that keep you alive and while the driving examiner will do their level best it is very difficult to make a full assessment in a 45 minute time slot. It is our belief that points 3 and 4 are learned during the training process, where point 3 leans towards a learned skills, point 4 is clearly a question of mindset. "What do you want to achieve when you get in the car?" And in terms of quality this is perhaps the biggest differentiator between us and other driving schools.
My name is James Shipley I am from Cambridge and I took the platinum course of intensive driving lessons. The service was excellent and from start to finish I felt reassured, needless to say I need pass both my theory test and practical test at the first attempt. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their full driving licence in a short space of time.

My husband and I decided upon investing into the platinum course of driving lessons for our daughter on her birthday. She is 17 and with her attending university next year we wanted to find her a quick and safe solution to get her driving licence. We are particularly impressed with the 2 year driving licence warranty it gave us pace of mind.

Our company required the services of a professional driving school who could deliver the results we needed for 2 new sales staff who needed a driving licence. Both employees were able to take a course locally and passed within 5 weeks, taking 2 hours of lessons each working day.

I wanted to get my driving licence really quickly but didn't fancy taking the typical crash test driving lessons purely for the reasons of safety. However I totally recommend this driving school because safety is their primary concern and that itself actually helped me pass my driving test first time.

Having seen my older sister fail her driving test 5 times with 3 different driving schools I wanted to avoid the same mistakes as her and have some assurance of a guaranteed pass. I was delighted with the service and Sarah my driving instructor and I recommend the service to any driver who appreciates safety.

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